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The Unger Family's real estate firm has no connection whatsoever with the opinions expressed in this blog. Friday, August 24, 2009 The White House Banned a Press Conference Today By Stephen Green There was only one question that White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs would not allow the press to ask today: Do you want the government to do something about gay marriage, and if so, what is that? John Bailon, assistant press secretary for communications and administration, would not answer that question. I have no idea why, it's not like the White House press pool is asking questions about gay marriage or the president's relationship with Karl Rove. I have no idea why the press pool is asking questions about gay marriage. The press pool is not as bad as I used to say. It is far more restrained now than when I covered the White House in the late 1990s. It wasn't often that a news agency would ask a reporter to fire off a multi-thousand word question before actually speaking to someone from the White House. It also wasn't often that the White House press office wouldn't allow a reporter to ask a question about gay marriage. The job of a White House press pool reporter is to be a stenographer. That means taking notes, not asking questions. It also means not asking questions that the White House doesn't want you to ask. The press office knows that reporters will ask questions about topics not related to the president, his advisers, or the White House press pool. So far, all I can see the White House press office doing is prohibiting questions about gay marriage. They might have also banned questions about Iran. They could have also banned questions about the federal debt. I bet that was banned too. It's really kind of sick that the White House is doing this. I remember when the press would have to be restrained by the White House in order to do its job. It was only after the Clinton Administration that the White House press pool took off. The press pool allowed a White House press conference once a week, and it was mostly the Sunday press pool briefing. Before Clinton, if a reporter asked a question about the White House, the White House press office would usually tell the reporter that they didn't want to answer that question. Now, with the press pool, the White House won't even answer a question about the White House. They will be a long, long time before a White




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