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Meet The Maker


Welcome to The Larder - a place where great food is stored, and inspiration begins.

Allow us to introduce Madeleine, chef and owner of The Larder. After gaining experience in cult classic restaurants around Adelaide, she discovered her true passion for crafting high-quality larder products. The Larder is essentially the heart of any restaurant, where bread, cheese, charcuterie, raw fish, pickles, desserts, and other delightful small goods originate. Madeleine believes that this part of the kitchen holds the key to creating intricately flavoured dishes that will truly tantalize your taste buds.

It is Madeleine's fervent love for these culinary creations that led her to establish The Larder. Our mission is to provide cold and dry pantry items that offer customers a restaurant-quality experience, whether it's through our handmade line of products or locally sourced small goods. We want to help you stock your pantry with items that are inspired by your favorite restaurant, allowing you to impress your guests with the finest flavors and textures right in your own home.

In addition to crafting our own delicious small goods, we strongly believe in supporting and showcasing the magnificent products of South Australia. Our region is brimming with hardworking individuals who produce incredible offerings, and The Larder takes great pride in sourcing these amazing products.

Picture our pantry as an extension of your own, enabling you to create inspiring dishes using our locally crafted or thoughtfully selected larder products that highlight the very best of South Australia's produce.

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